Arming Sisters

Women’s self-defense isn’t all about eye gouging, throat punches, and striking. It’s about reawakening empowerment, self-love, and ownership of body…or at least it should be.

Self; empowerment, love, and ownership of body…three things that are very hard to keep up when you’re a woman in today’s society. You may not even notice it anymore, but everywhere you look, women are told how to dress, act, speak, etc. Magazine headlines read "Change yourself today!", we see it in movies, hear it on the radio – or even at home. When a woman is attacked, the "guidelines" and "rules" multiply. "Why was she out that late?", "She shouldn’t have been wearing that.", "She was flirting too much.", "She shouldn’t have gotten so drunk."…the list goes on. 

When used properly, women's self-defense can be a beautiful tool of healing.

How does one properly utilize women's self-defense? One of the greatest ways to empower the mind, is through physical action. This is why working out in general is highly recommended, because it actually creates new connections in your brain. Those new connections are healing. For example, after you’ve been through an attack, you tend to feel, aside from many other emotions, weak…those feelings of weakness get questioned once you have a 6’4" 240lb man on the ground with a flick of your wrist. It isn’t just about regaining a feeling of strength – It’s about regaining yourself. 

It’s not about walking strong to detour an attacker, it’s about walking strong because you are powerful, and you should feel that in every fiber of your being.

It’s not about learning the difference between a yell and a scream, it’s about being vocal in your daily life and remembering how to use your voice. 

It’s not about trusting your gut instinct to tell you when someone is going to attack you, it’s about trusting your intuition because it builds a strong relationship with yourself – mind, body, and soul.

It’s about knowing you are not a victim, but a warrior.

Women’s self-defense won’t bring empowerment to you…you are already empowered.
It only seeks to reawaken it.