Deer Woman: An Anthology

Produced by Native Realities (Tribal Force, Tales of the Might Code Talkers, The Wool of Jonesy, DemiCon) and co-edited by Elizabeth LaPensée (Honour Water, Sequential Survivance, Indigenous Love) & Weshoyot Alvitre (Umbrella Academy, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, Native American Graphic Classics), DEER WOMAN: AN ANTHOLOGY brings together more than a dozen Native and Indigenous women artists and illustrators to present stories of resistance, survival, empowerment and hope.

Drawing from the inspiration of traditional Deer Woman stories, DEER WOMAN: AN ANTHOLOGY will be a powerful collection of stories by Native women to bring determination and healing to those in need and those willing to listen with their hearts.

“I welcome you to experience this comic with the warning that it is a brutal, beautiful, and unrelenting story that shows a glimpse of the serene chaos that Deer Woman is.” - Elizabeth LaPensée, Creator of Deer Woman: A Vignette

As part of their commitment to their work, they are continuing their partnership with Arming Sisters. During the run of Deer Woman: A Vignette, they gave $1 from every copy sold to help support our work. For the ANTHOLOGY, they are giving 15% of their profits to Arming Sisters to help promote our vision throughout North America.

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Deer Woman: A Vignette

 Based on the true stories of Indigenous women throughout the world, Deer Woman: A Vignette, is a powerful expression of empowerment and survivance!  Written by Elizabeth LaPensée, edited by Allie Vasquez and illustrated by Jonathan R. Thunder, this digital comic weaves the stories of Deer Woman into a modern narrative of the struggles of Indigenous women in North America.  

The comic features and self-defense techniques from Arming Sisters and a powerful introduction from the author; this comic should be read by all who care about the experience of Indigenous women throughout the world! 

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