Can non-Indigenous peoples take the courses offered?

Of course!

Courses are open & welcoming to anyone & everyone. 

What is the cost to host a course(s)?

Our goal is to be able to give courses at little to no cost - however, we are not able to do so at moment as we are currently unfunded.

We would love to visit your community, our fees are simply our expenses - nothing more. 

What ages may attend?

0-200 years old are able to attend Arming Sisters courses. 

Are there any physical limitations that could hinder one's ability to attend a course(s)?


All women's self-defense the moves are designed for anyone regardless of age or physical limitation. 

Wheelchair, crutches, etc. doesn't matter! These moves are designed for anyone & everyone.  

What does my donation go towards?

Donations are always put directly into Arming Sisters costs. 

Your donation will go to help day to day business supplies (business cards, website management, etc.), &/or travel, accommodation, & per diem expenditures to get us out to those who do not have funds available. 

If you would like your donation to have a specific use, please contact us so we can make sure it goes to exactly what you'd like it to. 

What should I wear to the course(s)?

Whatever you feel like wearing! Stilettos or work boots, ballgown or regalia - all women's self-defense moves are designed to be done comfortably in any apparel.