These Stories are our Medicine

These stories are our medicine.
We will tell them to heal ourselves & to heal one another.

And we will not be ashamed.

-Kerry Lessard

Stories of Strength

Stories of Strength

Because stories of recovery post sexual assault are extremely hard to find in the media. 

You can find other recovery stories quite readily - from substance abuse to car wreck survivors - but search for stories of healing post sexual assault & you’ll be hard pressed to find any.

This won’t only be recovery stories though - this will also host the raw stories we as humans need to get out. The dark, ugly, & stomach churning times we carry with us slowly begin to slip away, one layer at a time as you heal. 

One of the greatest ways to begin healing? Telling your story.

So let’s bring inspiration to others together...take a few healing steps together...& remind each other we are not alone.  

Have a Story of Strength to Share?

 Head to the contact page & reach out.

(Of course you do not have to submit with your real name. Feel free to remain anonymous, or use a pen name.) 

Any and all are welcome to join in this journey!
Regardless of gender identity, sexual preference, ethnicity only need be an Earthling.